A preview of my new album coming in 2014.

Skye-Brochures (Official Music Video)

Here is the video for the single! My album will be a FREE download this week. Thank you for your support.  facebook dot com slash inskyesworld

You’re just a name in the wind

a smile I found

a kiss on the lips,

stranger passing through town

Wish you could’ve stayed

Baby I was fool

what a mess that you made,

would’ve expired for you…

Some people disguise themselves as roses. They are so beauitful from a distance and when you go to explore them you are pricked by their sharp thorns, exposing your blood. Only in hindsight do you say “I wish I had seen your thorns first. Foolish me.”

A Special gift for a woman in your life… Merry Christmas!

Love me some @nickiminaj . I asked her sign, she said a SAG

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Heavy D (@heavyd) f. Skye -Valentine 2/14 (off Love Opus)

Thank you Hev. Being apart of your last album is a highlight of my life. Thanks for your words, the experience, and your belief in me. I won’t let you down…



What a MAN does and why…

I always wanted the admiration of John Lennon but the anonymity of Ringo Starr.

Kurt Cobain

Ten Ways to Love…